Ok, so today started my new focus. I’ve been wanting to focus on something in my photography. I’m always all over the place, from landscapes to newborns and everything in between. Don’t get me wrong, I’m so glad to do any type of shoot(and still available for hire), but I wanted a little side project of my own to start. I’ve decided to start what I’m calling the #SMOKEBOMBSHELLS project. I love using colored smoke bombs in my shoots and I’ve come to realize that photographing women(especially on the more risqué side) is a beautiful art if done tastefully. I wanted to incorporate the two while still keeping that florida/beach vibe going. I have a few more models lined up for similar shoots at different florida locations with different colored smoke bombs. Today being the first of the series, I learned that I need an assistant to hold my smoke bombs in order to manipulate the smoke better. It’s not easy holding the smoke and shooting at the same time, and it’s dangerous! I burnt myself! But it was worth it and other then that I was pleased with the shoot and hope that each one continues to get better. Heres today’s :

2 thoughts on “#SMOKEBOMBSHELLS

  1. Beautiful, sexy, mystical . Amanda, this must have been very challenging , dealing with so many variables most of which you have very little control over. I felt less is better, referring to the smoke, I like the one shot where you capture what looks like your model is about to inhale the magical blue vapor. Personal critique , the shots you took at 4.8 I found I was a bit distracted by the background? Again wonderful shoot. Great vision
    Please keep sharing your work


  2. Thank you john! I definitely appreciate any critique. The smoke bombs were so challenging! I need someone for my next shoot to hold the smoke in order to manipulate it better. I actually burned my finger lighting it and then had to set it down in which it then began to billow right into my poor models fave and engulf her. 😕 next shoot will be a little more controlled! Lol but thank you again for looking and commenting, I really do appreciate it!


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