Saxophone Shoot

Photography has allowed me to come in contact with so many different people. I had the privilege of meeting and photographing the nicest young man yesterday. He plays saxophone and wanted some photos. Time flew because we had so much fun together finding new locations downtown to shoot. He even had a lot of creative input himself which I really appreciate. Here are some of my favorites from the shoot

2 thoughts on “Saxophone Shoot

  1. Amanda, what an eye you have. Do you head out with any preconceived vision in your head or do you just wander and shoot what jumps out at you.
    The ones in the bar , the lights look like he is blowing bubbles. Great work

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    • Thank you so much! Most time I definitely have a vision in mind and the overall tone and vibe myself and the client want te photos to have but it ends up being the impromptu stuff that come out the best! Sometimes when u see something you just know you have to take a photo and it really surprises me each time how much I love the unexpected stuff!


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