Mommy/Son Photoshoot

What started off a little hectic turned out to be an amazing shoot! I arrived to coral cove park to find a sky full of drab clouds and waves crushing the shore, sometimes all the way up to the stairway! The beach babe mommy and her son (only 3 years old) definitely couldn’t get into that ocean. I figured since we were there I’d attempt to get some face shots as to not waste the entire trip. Little guy was NOT really having it no matter how much we bribed him with ice cream….even with sprinkles! I basically attempted to rapid fire while he played in the sand and became intrigued with a washed up coconut. (Which I ended up loving those photos in black and white) We all seemed a little disappointed and at a loss for what we should do next. We decided to pack up and attempt another day when it was clearer skies and calmer waters. As we walked across the parking lot from the beach side, we noticed the sky on the opposite side was lighting up just perfectly! I suggested we go take a look and see if they could get into the calmer canal water. Boy am I glad we did! We all became relaxed and excited with the way the sky lit up for us. Little guy was a ton of fun and splashed and played. I even found myself up to my waist in my work scrubs because I was so into the shots! I really hope I was able to capture their love of the ocean and each other. Here are some of my favorite from the shoot.

image image image image image image image image image image image image image image

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