Mermaid visits the Desert

Welp! Off on a whim again to a new place for adventure. A quick adventure but one none the less. That’s what I love about chad and I- we seak constant adventure and new places. We may not be able to stay as long as we like or quit our jobs and do nothing but explore the world(wouldn’t that be nice) but we do make it a point to see new things as much as possible. It feeds my soul, yet always leaves me craving more. This time around we ventured off to Arizona, partly to celebrate chads 30th birthday and also to see a good friend that recently moved to the area(how convenient). We flew in at midnight(also having dealt with the 3 hour time change making it feel like 3am). But we were determined and woke up at 4am anyways to hike Camelback Mountain. All three of us really underestimated this mountain. I’m in pretty good physical shape and this mountain slightly kicked my butt. I do pride myself in the fact that I left the guys in my dust and made it to the top in about 45/50 minutes, where as the average hiker takes about an hour and a half to two hours to complete the hike. I’m pretty sure I sprinted a lot because I was determined to make it to the top to catch the sunrise(again, you all should know I have a sunrise obsession by now). But the boys will tell you I must have had nitrous in my pants haha. It was such a site to see from the top. Made it all worth it! Oh and after the fact we found out that we accidentally chose the harder trail which made me happy we all conquered it.image image image image image image
After some rest by the pool for the day we ventured to Canyon Lake where I had booked a birthday dinner cruise for chad and I. It was gorgeous going between the canyons at sunset. Dinner was delicious and everything was great, besides the fact that it was a bit hot and no a.c. I’d recommend only booking in the cooler months because we were pretty uncomfortable towards the end of the cruise.

image image image
My much anticipated and favorite part of the trip was visiting horseshoe bend. We had to wake up early and drive 4 hours to make it to the bend! It was well worth every mile. Chad and I have no issues being “stuck” in a car together for long trips. We work so well together and our partnership and love only grows stronger with each adventure. There is so much more we would like to explore in Arizona (Sedona and Havasu falls are at the top of my list) and we will be back to do so!image image image image image image image image
Hope you enjoy these shots we got!

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