Just Checking In

I’m alive I swear! I haven’t blogged in quite a while (some of you may have thought I was eaten after my last shark dive post). Nope, just busy focusing on photography, free diving, and upcoming adventures I’ve got planned in my over ambitious mind.

For starters, I’ve been reading a photography book that was gifted to me-Jason Youn’s “Essential guide to mastering digital photography”. Definitely some great tips and an easy read, but I’d love to take a course or embark on a meet or weekend long photography seminar. I’m a hands on learner. Other than reading, I’ve been playing around with my editing skills and exposure times for some pretty cool water effects! As you can see, I’ve been using the  HDR approach in my photography. I love the way it looks, but I do plan to work on editing a bit “softer” and more realistic, especially with some upcoming shoots I have.

image image image image image image image

I have also been fortunate enough to get a lot of dive time in lately. The ocean holds a special place in my heart. Maybe it’s the Florida girl in me or my cancer crab zodiac ruled by the water, either way I feel happiest in the ocean. I snagged a really cute shorty wetsuit from SolAddict and splurged on some new fins and a dive belt. Now if only I could buy some better lungs! Practice makes perfect and I’ve been working on holding my breath longer during my dives.

image image

And most pressing on my mind lately is some upcoming adventures I’d like to get in the works:

Phoenix in September for my other half’s birthday.

The PCH road trip through Cali( redwoods included)

Italy, Croatia, and Greece( they’re in pretty close proximity to do all three)

And most exciting to me- Tonga to swim with the humpback whales and their calves!

Ok, ok so the last 2 aren’t set in stone and will probably be pricey and happen a little later but they are a MUST!

Looking forward to getting some good photos in Phoenix and Cali for now.

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