I think I might be a shark addict now

So many of you may already have heard of the Shark Addicts. For those of you who haven’t, they’re a group of guys that have an extreme passion for sharks and showing them in a positive light in their natural habitat. The addicts are a huge popularity in Jupiter, Florida but also have gained notice elsewhere and have a huge Instagram following and are hoping to one day have their own show. Today Chad and decided to embark on our first snorkel/free dive with them! It amazed me at how quickly they are able to attract sharks. They drop a line with a bait crate attached and use a water bottle cracking.The noise of the water bottle cracking sounds like a distressed fish to the sharks and within minutes they are darting from below for food. I thought I would be much more nervous but I immediately felt at ease. The Sharks really want nothing to do with us(at least not in a terrifying man-eating way). They are curious of us and take the food given, circle around and come back, venturing closer each time as they become used to us and we them. Within moments we were swimming down trying to touch them! It was truly incredible and I definitely plan on going again. image image image image image image image image image

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