Majestic Mantas

My absolute favorite part of the entire trip and something I will probably only get to experience once in a lifetime-swimming with the enormous, majestic manta rays off of Nusa Penida Island! We used Blue Season Bali Diving company for our tour and couldn’t have chosen a more accommodating guide. We set off early that morning and the ride out I’ll admit was a bit worrying. The seas were rolling hills of 10 feet waves. They weren’t breaking so we would just ride up and down them as if we were on a roller coaster. The guides warned us that if conditions weren’t optimal that we might not be able to get into the water for safety reasons. We stopped at manta bay and conditions weren’t good. The waves were ruthless and crashing along the island’s cliff sides. We set out to check manta point, all the while I was upset at just the thought of not being able to do this dive with the mantas but we stayed positive. When we got there we were able to get in! I was ecstatic and hurried to get my wet suit on and jump in! We were told the water may be too rough and murky for visibility and that if no mantas were spotted shortly we would have to leave. With lots of hope and adrenaline I jumped into the crashing waves and down below where suddenly from the deep the first manta was spotted almost immediately. It was the most overwhelming sense of relief and awe that I have ever felt. Then another, and another, and the waters cleared and before we knew it there were nearly twenty of them circling and coming closer and closer with curiosity. I felt no fear, only an extreme sense of happiness and that I had fulfilled something great within me.

A friend we made in Bali told us that everyone you are nice to will pray for you. It's their sense of
A friend we made in Bali told us that everyone you are nice to will pray for you. It’s their sense of “karma”. I truly believe that we were prayed for and that is why we were blessed with the mantas that day that we were expected not to see.


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