My Passion

What motivates you? Can you be passionate about more than one thing and still succeed in all of your work? I believe YES. imageI feel that I’m a prime example and I hope I can set the tone for others to succeed in all of their passions. My current and main career is as a radiation therapist. I work in a cancer center and I’d like to pretend I’m a superhero with special radioactive powers to kill cancer and cure every human that comes into my center(not always possible, but I try my hardest). I am very passionate about my career and I work hard each day to make my patients feel important and cared for. I won’t get into that side of my life too much because this blog is meant to fuel my other passion, photography.  I want this blog to be positive, and yes, at some points I may share stories of particular patient cases that really pull at my heart strings. But for the most part, this blog is for adventure, travel, and photography. Iv always been an adventure seeker between skydiving, zip lining, snorkeling, kayaking and exploring new places. Any opportunity for such things I want to share with you through my writing and photos.

Recently I dove head first into photography and have been near obsessed ever since. I’ve made noticeable progression and I’ve even found a great printing company to print my work. My prints will be available to any of you upon request via my email I’d love constructive criticism(go easy on me). And if you enjoy my work please follow me on Instagram at The_Snapshot_Siren

5 thoughts on “My Passion

  1. So proud of you my beautiful cousin!!!! I will pass your blog site to others! It’s incredible!!! I have been wanting to also start a blog…. To be continued;) xoxo #keepdoinbigthings


  2. Amanda, I don’t know how you stumbled across my blog, but I am so glad you did as it brought me back to yours! I am in awe of what your “real life” job is and inspired by your gorgeous photos. You have a wonderful talent and I am delighted to follow along on your journey!


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