I found the perfect up and coming model with the perfect edge to make the red smoke bombs work! I love her look and this new location I found as well. I’ll be doing future shoots here again and I’ve got another smoke bomb shoot in the works. Here’s yesterday’s favorites


Ok, so today started my new focus. I’ve been wanting to focus on something in my photography. I’m always all over the place, from landscapes to newborns and everything in between. Don’t get me wrong, I’m so glad to do any type of shoot(and still available for hire), but I wanted a little side project of my own to start. I’ve decided to start what I’m calling the #SMOKEBOMBSHELLS project. I love using colored smoke bombs in my shoots and I’ve come to realize that photographing women(especially on the more risqué side) is a beautiful art if done tastefully. I wanted to incorporate the two while still keeping that florida/beach vibe going. I have a few more models lined up for similar shoots at different florida locations with different colored smoke bombs. Today being the first of the series, I learned that I need an assistant to hold my smoke bombs in order to manipulate the smoke better. It’s not easy holding the smoke and shooting at the same time, and it’s dangerous! I burnt myself! But it was worth it and other then that I was pleased with the shoot and hope that each one continues to get better. Heres today’s :

Saxophone Shoot

Photography has allowed me to come in contact with so many different people. I had the privilege of meeting and photographing the nicest young man yesterday. He plays saxophone and wanted some photos. Time flew because we had so much fun together finding new locations downtown to shoot. He even had a lot of creative input himself which I really appreciate. Here are some of my favorites from the shoot

A little poop never hurt anybody…

That title probably got your attention! Despite a little poop, today’s newborn shoot went really well! As we had Henry undressed for some naked baby pics, he decided to let loose on mom and the very nice WHITE rug we were using as a backdrop. We laughed, cleaned up and kept going! For my first newborn shoot I really wasn’t sure what to expect. Patience and a warm bottle is key. Henry did so well and allowed me to get some good ones.

Tested out my new lighting!

As I progress in my photography, I’m learning to utilize light in different ways. It’s great to shoot in that perfect “golden hour” of natural lighting, but I need to go beyond that. So I decided to buy some lighting and a power supply and practice with a good friend and an even better model! My lights aren’t as portable as I would like and the sails are rather large.I’m going to need to upgrade eventually. Feel free to let me know your favorite brand of lighting equipment or any tips and constructive criticism! Here’s what I was able to capture…

What I’ve been up to

I’ve been neglecting this blog due to….life I guess. All good things though. I have been house hunting so that’s exciting! Works been busy and photography has still been a huge part of my life. I have been interning and assisting Debra Weisheit, a really amazing local wedding photographer. I feel like a chump when I watch how easily she sees things and manipulates the light to get some killer shots while I try my best to keep up with her. I’m still deciding if it’s for me or not. There’s so much to it and it can be hectic, yet rewarding at the same time. I’ve also had so many requests for shoots and have so many pictures to share. My mom is really the one who reminded me of my blog, she likes to see my work on here…hi mom! My shoots have been a mixture of realtor head shots, engagement shoots, maternity shoots, and Baybes bartender shoots, and ballerinas to name a few.  Here they are: